Proudly Licensed by Canada Soccer: Elevating Soccer Standards in Milton!

We’re excited to announce that Milton United Soccer Club is the only soccer program in Milton holding the prestigious Canada Soccer Club License. This exclusive recognition reflects our commitment to excellence in both on and off-field organizational development. Learn more.

What sets us apart?

National Recognition:
Being part of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program aligns us with the best principles recognized by FIFA, Concacaf, and Canada Soccer’s governing bodies.
Elevated Standards:
We’ve embraced the principles of the program to prioritize fun, emphasize safety, and provide top-notch, developmentally-appropriate programs. Our commitment to excellence ensures a high-quality soccer experience for our participants.
Community Impact:
By adhering to the principles of the Canada Soccer Club Licensing Program, we contribute to the overall enhancement of the soccer system in Canada. We’re not just a soccer club; we’re a vital part of the positive change in Canadian soccer.

Why does it matter for you and your family?

Enhanced Experience:
Our licensed status guarantees an elevated daily playing environment and a superior participant experience. We’re not just teaching soccer; we’re nurturing a passion for the game and holistic personal development.
Setting the Standard:
We set clearly defined standards, fostering an environment where excellence is recognized. This means your child is part of a soccer community committed to driving positive change in the sport.
Your Trusted Soccer Destination:
Whether you’re part of a traditional not-for-profit club or a private academy, our doors are open to all. The principles we uphold transcend organizational structures, focusing on providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone.

Explore the Difference – Join Milton United Soccer Club!

Ready to experience the excellence of a Canada Soccer Club Licensed program? Explore more about our commitment to high standards and community impact on the Canada Soccer website.

At Milton United Soccer Academy, we’re not just playing soccer; we’re shaping a positive future for Canadian soccer—one principle at a time.

Join us on this exciting journey!

About Us

Milton Soccer Academy has adopted and registered the trade name Milton United Soccer Club! Our competitive teams will play under the name FC Milton United 04 – 04 representing 2004, the year the club was founded. Learn more about our history here. Milton United’s mission is to provide our players with the best possible environment to learn and improve their soccer skills, and to develop a lasting desire to play the game. The club provides high quality, safe, fun soccer for everyone at both recreational and competitive levels.


Miles O’Connor – Director, Soccer Operations – miles@miltonunited.ca 

Alex Liguori – Technical Director – alex@miltonunited.ca 

Contact Us at – info@miltonunited.ca  – 905-878-0209


The Milton Soccer Academy was founded in September 2004 as a non-profit organization by Uwe Samstag-Schnock, Dolly Pawlak, and Michael Walter. Soon after, Cory Carter, Mark Boswell, Joe Amaral, and Pat Henstock joined in to complement the Board. Starting with a little over 100 youth players the club grew over the years to 500 players including recreational programming for youth and adults, as well as launching competitive teams. The club has hosted and run coaching development courses and supported referee development. In 2020, the club partnered with Blue Devils FC to help improve our competitive offerings and provide a pathway to League1 Ontario for aspiring players. We have adopted the name Milton United and we look forward to a bright future built on the same principles on which our club was founded.

In Memory

Dolly Ann Pawlak passed away peacefully in the comfort of her own home in the early hours of Sept 4th, 2023.  She was surrounded by her loving husband Uwe and their children, who never once left her side.Loving wife of Uwe Samstag-Schnock for 30 years. Forever loved by her children; Kai-Uwe, Jens-Erik, and Anje Marie. After a 14-year career at Royal Bank of Canada, she left to care for her two boys Kai-Uwe and Jens-Erik and her daughter Anje Marie. Her children, husband, and extended family meant everything to her. It was their activities that prompted her to volunteer in their community soccer club where she ran the office, guided camps and kept the books for 15 years. Dolly’s life was busy as an ever present face of the non-profit Milton Soccer Academy which she co-founded and ran with Uwe. Together they built the club from the ground up. Her easy going personality and her ability to talk to anyone were her strengths. Dolly spent every summer day at the club ensuring that hundreds of Milton’s youngest left with a smile, new friends, and exhausted from the week’s activities. She loved people and cared about everyone she met. Behind the scenes, she managed the club’s finances, performed flawless audits and made certain that monies are accounted for and benefited the players. She loved biking the rail trails of Ontario and went on bicycling trips oversees with her friends and neighbours from Willow Avenue. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to a Bicycle Rest Station in Dolly’s name along the Guelph to Goderich Trail (G2G). Please donate “in memory of: Dolly Pawlak” For Dolly’s full obituray and Tribute wall, please visits McKersie & Early’s website.